Nov 16, 2010

gotta get this fixed

Apr 29, 2010

Primo Apartment Cam in Barcelona

Apr 9, 2010

Sputnic Party Cam

Mar 29, 2010

Tom Molyneux's Trick List video

Mar 9, 2010

Delhi Park Edit

Just another edit on a nice day. this one being at Delhi Skatepark.

Mar 7, 2010

Heckling and an Awesome Weekend

This weekend i was suppose to go to the Toronto contest and through down with some homies. Due to some other obligation such as finishing my buddy Charlie Gibson's short film which was one of the funniest things ive ever been apart of. I also was given the privilege to be invited to Hi-tek's studio got to see all the different rooms and all his accomplishments. ive never seen a platinum record until then and now i know what its such a big deal and boy does he have a lot of them and stories to go with each one i was loving it. Then it was off to a private party that my buddy Aaron Lutze put on. 3 Bottles of Grey Goose and a bunch of awesome people like Hi-tek and Clockwork. Then Saturday did an edit which is below at Wyoming Skatepark which came out awesome after that we had a little get together for Doug Horton who was home visiting his girl but after being home for 3 weeks hes now headed back to NYC tomorrow. Today (sunday) was another amazing day to ride due to partying a little to hard last night i think everyone was out of it so it ended up just being a session of everyone making fun of each other and laughing their asses off which brings me to this edit. Here are some pics also and there is more on my facebook (

Wyoming Edit

Wyoming Skatepark edit from Tony Neyer on Vimeo.

Feb 23, 2010

Lets Party #1...

Well ive been slacking a little on the updates due to this shitty ass weather. So since we've been bored over here and all we do really is go out and have fun figured we'd start this little segment called "Lets Party" it will be a series of web videos that will happen randomly and should turn out to be really entertaining. haha prolly wont be any riding in these videos but still worth seeing what other assholes are up to in other citys. haha peace

Feb 3, 2010

Andrew Elliot on Online

Just came across this link of a write up that Andrew Elliot has on TheSkateBoaderMag's website. Pretty Good interview plus a super dialed video of him shredding on the East and West coast. I just heard he moved back to cincinnati for the mean time so hopefully i can meet up with him and make a vid. Check out his interview here

38mins with Chad Ring

Ripped my jeans damn near off my body last night at the skatepark luckily Chad Ring was there. So instead of getting in the car and heading home we decided to film a little babe edit. Also on the Chad note his team page is up on the Sputnic web site so be sure to head over there might even be a contest or two. Holla

Feb 1, 2010

(:Ollies Tomorrow:)

This thing even shoots amazing photos. Going to be riding Ollies tomorrow whos in?

The Flow Trip

Troy Nick Pat and myself filming some randomness at the Flow. Im Pretty sure i got this camera and the compressing of the edits figured out so now we can start knocking down some Real edits. God i want a break in the weather. Go To my Vimeo page to view in HD

Random Sundays

Well yesterday it was pretty cold out side so Mark Krumme Pat Beiting and myself took a Drive out to the abandon swings that are just ridiculously huge. Testing out the camera seeing what looks good. The quality on this video isnt very good but after about 4 hours of trying to figure out iMovie i think ive been able to come up with a good way to compress them. The Flow edit looks way better and is on vimeo HD.

Jan 31, 2010

Here comes the videos

So after a long delay we finally will be updating a bunch more. GoPro came through and hooked it up with some cameras and some crazy attachments. so know we can film all the stupid stuff we do and pop out little funny edits. in the next few months we will be posting a bunch of random videos that are either funny interesting and most important riding. i got two videos to post today sorry no riding its still pretty cold out side but they will be coming. we had a little mini trip to the flow last week and we filmed some little stuff just to test out the camera i still need to edit it but will be up in the next day or two. the two videos are just stupid clips from the past week the GoPro is awesome with outside footage but inside it just looks alright but still good for capturing those funny moments that happen randomly. This summer we'll be popping out riding videos all the time.

Nov 24, 2009

Meet Mike Posner..

Mike Posner is some hot shit right now. Mtv writes "As an up-and-coming recording artist, Mike Posner has to be a student of the music game. But what separates him from most others is that he remains a college student too — even though he's already been signed to a major label. A senior at Duke, Mike spends weekdays in the classroom and weekends touring the country as a singer. It's a double life many would love to have but few could probably handle." Go to to download the album that made him famous for FREE. He just signed with JayZ's label and will be releasing a new album in 2010 under that label. Myspace / Twitter