Jan 31, 2010

Here comes the videos

So after a long delay we finally will be updating a bunch more. GoPro came through and hooked it up with some cameras and some crazy attachments. so know we can film all the stupid stuff we do and pop out little funny edits. in the next few months we will be posting a bunch of random videos that are either funny interesting and most important riding. i got two videos to post today sorry no riding its still pretty cold out side but they will be coming. we had a little mini trip to the flow last week and we filmed some little stuff just to test out the camera i still need to edit it but will be up in the next day or two. the two videos are just stupid clips from the past week the GoPro is awesome with outside footage but inside it just looks alright but still good for capturing those funny moments that happen randomly. This summer we'll be popping out riding videos all the time.