Mar 7, 2010

Heckling and an Awesome Weekend

This weekend i was suppose to go to the Toronto contest and through down with some homies. Due to some other obligation such as finishing my buddy Charlie Gibson's short film which was one of the funniest things ive ever been apart of. I also was given the privilege to be invited to Hi-tek's studio got to see all the different rooms and all his accomplishments. ive never seen a platinum record until then and now i know what its such a big deal and boy does he have a lot of them and stories to go with each one i was loving it. Then it was off to a private party that my buddy Aaron Lutze put on. 3 Bottles of Grey Goose and a bunch of awesome people like Hi-tek and Clockwork. Then Saturday did an edit which is below at Wyoming Skatepark which came out awesome after that we had a little get together for Doug Horton who was home visiting his girl but after being home for 3 weeks hes now headed back to NYC tomorrow. Today (sunday) was another amazing day to ride due to partying a little to hard last night i think everyone was out of it so it ended up just being a session of everyone making fun of each other and laughing their asses off which brings me to this edit. Here are some pics also and there is more on my facebook (