Feb 17, 2009

The Primo Trip Update...

Well about 10 days ago i left on a primo trip Boy, E-man, Kurtis, Stricker, Heaton, Lee Dennis, Sam lowe, Glenn pp, JeffZ and Nate Moroshan. i thought i was going to be able to update while i was gone but it never happened. We started the trip here in long beach last saturday and headed to AZ. We drove for about 8 hours in the badass RV that Primo got for the trip. Ive never roadtrip'd in one of those but it was awesome. Pretty much the whole team got drunk in the back of it and played some Clo and some other game that Stricker brought to the table. We got to Phoenix around 10pm got settled into our hotel and it was straight to the bar to meet up with Kc Badger and some of the kink dudes for some drinks. For the next 2 days in rained a bunch we ended up just looking at spots. We did manage to light up one spot under a bridge late at night which turned out to be a good time and got some clips in. The next few days we were able to ride a ton of good Phoenix spots thanks to Drew and Smoker and were able to get into some fun thanks to KC. Tempe/Phoenix is awesome tons of spots, bars, and good people to hang out with i forsure want to spend some more time in this area. We head to Tucson Thursday night to ride ride some stuff on friday. We got some stuff then it was straight back to Tempe to have some fun. Hung there for a couple more days then the trip was over.... now for the hightlights

Hanging with Stricker and actually seeing him be as wild as hes built up to be
Kurtis Elwell shutting down anything he touches
Kurtus Fighting some crazy rock hippies in tucson
Getting kicked out of our Hotel in tucson
Crazy Guy yelling at the top of his lungs in Tucson cause we were having a party in our room
Me almost getting in a fight at boulders in tempe
being able to ride to Bars
Stricker only filming 2 clips and both of them were fucking awesome
E-man and Boy Laughing all the time
Boy making faces
Z kickin it
Z's wifes cookies
Meeting the DC skate team
Putting pictures of naked girls on their van with Primo stickers
Hot Tub
Cacoon being created "we dont make clothing we wear it" look out for this shit team is getting stacked fast
Me chasing a cacoon and breaking my chain and eating shit
me yelling at some kid when i was really made tellin him i was going to rip his head off
that kid leaving the spot
PalVerta(spelling) awesome bar that was a lot of fun.
Going to Strickers trophy girls house for a keg party
Watching kurtis lose money in arm wrestling
Me calling them all out and beating all of them
Lee Timberwolf Dennis beating me in arm wrestling
Primo team pretty much running the party
Being at a party and some girl clamming a seat to be mine. lol

Thats all i can think of right now now for the pictures.



Chris Duncan Clothing said...

Stricker rules!

Mike said...

you come to Tucson and you don't even call me.

neil said...

The Vancouver crew wants to know how Sam is doing!!!

kc said...

haha it was good hangin out w/ you dudes..

gina told me some funny stories from the last night.

next time maybe ill even get to ride a bit with you...hah

Anonymous said...

wheres malouf at!