Feb 25, 2009

J Feverton is in town

So Monday J came in town with his brother Jared to meet his dad out here in cali since hes been working out here for a while. So i meet up with him and we went out and had some good times. we went shopping in Santa Monica, Drinking in Silverlake, watching crazy people in Venice, and a bunch of other shit, but last night was the best thing we got to do and one of the best things i've done since ive been here we went and saw Modest Mouse in Hollywood @ the Palladium(this photo is from the 40's its sick). It was a show that ive wanted to go to for a while and it was everything i thought it was going to be, but what put the icing on the cake was when we went to buy the tickets the guy slipped us some VIP passes which put us on the balcony and made it not as crowded and we pretty much got to be like right behind the band, it also made it easy to get drinks fast and thats always good. it was just an all around awesome night.


Langen said...

Modest Mouse is the shit live. That's awesome you guys got to see them out there. Can't wait to see another show!