Jan 29, 2009


So after driving for 3 and half hours i managed to arrive at the Dayton Airport at the same time my flight was taking off:( Which now puts me in a super shitty position, im another 3 and a half hours from home, im on standby, for a flight that is over booked by 4 people, and that has 11 other people on standby. Well this isnt the way i planned this day to go at all. This flight takes off in about an hour, if i somehow manage to get on Sweet but if not im going to try to find a way to make this fun. if you have suggestion please post them in the comments. if i get any sweet pics ill upload them to this post so keep checking back. Holla



baby nick said...

been there brother. try waiting for 7 hours for someone to pick you up in a snowstorm. worst day ever.

you should try to get someone's autograph because "you think they're famous."

just walk up to someone and take a picture as close to their face as possible.

TonyNeyer said...

im all over it

Anonymous said...

Ahh man that sucks real bad. I hope i dont have that happen to me in a few weeks. I would probably act like i was stuck there with no money and try to bum money off of people telling them how you got screwed and have no way to get home to cali.