Jan 22, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D

Went and saw My Bloody Valentine tonight and it was pretty awesome. First time I saw a move in 3D in the theaters and without it the movie would have probably sucked... so don't see it unless it's in 3D. Went with my babe Krystal, my bro Pat and his date Trista. Here's a pic of Krystal wearing the 3D glasses.

Slasher flicks are awesome. They can be super corny but you gotta take them as they are. We'll just say these are a few of my favorite parts of the movie.

Number 1: Fully naked chick running away from the killer. I mean naked as fuck. You just don't see that anymore. It's like her tits were bouncing right in my face.

Number 2: Midget + Miner with pick axe + ceiling = An AWESOME death scene with a midget!

Number 3: 3D of course.

Well the next slasher flick I will go to the theaters to see is Friday the 13th which looks awesome. Check the trailer here. Apparently this site won't let me post another picture so until next time.

baby nick